Household items you never clean, but should

The long list of items that you probably don't clean very often

When cleaning your home it might just be the case that focus on the obvious things – it’s ok – you’re not alone.  But there are plenty of other parts of your home that shouldn’t always be overlooked, and with a bit of regular effort and attention you can help stop bacteria spreading and keep you home spick and span.

As a bit of a prompt, here are some household items that you need to add to your cleaning list.  

1. Toothbrush holder

You might give your toothbrush a clean on a regular basis, but what about the holder? This builds up a collection of germs and is used every day. Start by rinsing the holder with hot water and then fill it with antibacterial mouthwash, allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with hot water.

2. Light switches

If you think about how many hands touch a light switch without it ever been cleaned, you can soon start to imagine the amount of dirt that can build up. Clean them with a cloth, warm water and mild dishwashing liquid.

3. Remote controls

Just like the light switches, remote controls can be covered in grime thanks to our oily fingers. Remove the batteries from the back and give it a clean with a cloth and warm water and then move onto the front.

4. Fridge drawers

The drawers in your fridge are home to array of foods which also means it’s a hot spot for things like salmonella. Take out the drawers and give them a clean with a sponge and hot water mixed with a detergent. Make sure you dry with a clean towel and separate meat from the vegetables to avoid cross contamination.

5. Sponges

They are one of the most used items when cleaning any part of the house. They are constantly warm and moist making them a target for bacteria. Give them a quick clean by soaking them in hot water with a small amount of bleach and then rinsing them with water so they are ready to be used again.

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