How changing your vacuum cleaner could improve your eczema

There are many factors which can cause an eczema flare up, including dust mites. Here’s how a vacuum cleaner can help.

To mark this year’s Allergy Awareness Week (23-29 April), we are taking a look at how changing your vacuum cleaner can help to improve the conditions of your eczema.

By paying close attention to your carpets and upholstery, here’s how the right type of vacuum cleaner can help.

Why changing your vacuum can improve your eczema

Dust and debris around the house can act as a trigger for eczema, so maintaining a clean environment is important in order to manage your condition. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner ensures you collect all the pet hair, dust and debris, which contain allergens.

What a HEPA filter will do

A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate air filter which traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet allergens and dust mites. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters will make cleaning easier and more effective for anyone with allergies, especially eczema which affects the skin. Pay careful attention when emptying your vacuum, ensuring the harmful particles from the HEPA filter are disposed of.

The best vacuum to improve your eczema

As well as using a HEPA filter, choosing the right vacuum cleaner is an easy way to ensure you get rid of all the allergens in your house. For an effective upright vacuum cleaner, try the Kobold VK200. Its premium FP200 Filter Bag uses three filters, including one HEPA filter, which captures 99% of allergy causing substances. The premium filter bag is also the world’s first TUV-tested vacuum cleaner bag.

Other ways to improve the condition

As well as paying careful attention to which vacuum cleaner you use, it is necessary to focus on cleaning other areas of your house to minimise the conditions of your eczema. Use an upholstery brush, such as the Kobold PB440 to clean your mattress, ensuring your surfaces are dust and allergen free when you sleep. You can also use this in the car, cleaning hard to reach areas and ensuring your journeys are allergen free.

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