Six tips to prevent a pet hair allergy

Humans and animals are often inseparable. But if you develop an allergy, what can you do to alleviate your symptoms?
In the UK, over 12 million households have pets, with a large majority being cats and dogs. With their soft fur they are popular cuddly friends for the whole family, although for quite a few people they trigger itching, asthma, bronchitis or conjunctivitis. So what can you do to reduce pet hair allergen levels in your home and reduce the chance of an allergic reaction? 


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  1. Make sure you wipe hard floors with a moist cloth every day. Hard floors are easier to keep free of animal hair and easier to clean than carpets, but still need regular washing to avoid allergens gathering.  
  1. If you or someone in your household already suffers with allergies from pets, then avoid furnishings such as furs or horse hair mattresses, or clothing which contains animal hair. These could also trigger allergic reactions. 

  1. Make sure you maintain high standards of hygiene in rooms where cats or dogs spend a large portion of their time. Hard floors should be wiped with a damp cloth and, if possible, vacuumed daily. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system will help to retain animal hair and allergens and produces clinically clean ‘exhaust air’ to prevent allergens escaping back into the air.  
  1. If your cat or dog likes to cuddle up on your bed, make sure you thoroughly clean your bed sheets and deep clean your mattress regularly, using something like our MR440 mattress cleaning attachment. This way you are guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep without any allergic reactions. 
  1. Pet cuddles are the best - but make sure you wash your hands afterwards to rinse the allergens away.     


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