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Vacuum Cleaner

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The Free VR200 App from Kobold

You can now manage your VR200 remotely thanks to the new app for smartphone and tablet. It's entirely free and can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
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Clean All Rooms
Spot Cleaning
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Download the VR200 software update here

How the VR200 Robot Vacuum cleaner can help

  • Totally automatic vacuuming 
    The VR200 will vacuum your home even when you’re not there. It is completely automatic, leaving you to look forward to a freshly vacuumed house when you return.
  • Cleans those hard to reach areas 
    The VR200 breezes around obstacles to make every bit of surface spotless!
  • Delivers power and efficiency
    The VR200 uses the latest technology to memorise routes around your home and maximise its cleaning power.

Here’s how it works

Making light work of all floors

The VR200’s powerful suction ensures a deep and thorough clean on every surface. Parquet, tiles, carpet – you name it and the VR200 can clean it. Its effective suction power is up to three times more effective than comparable products.

Optimum Dust Collection

The VR200 uses innovative, circular brushes that rotate 30 times per second to remove dirt particles, ensuring optimum cleaning on all floors, along edges and in corners.

Avoiding obstacles and tackling stairs

Using built in sensors, the VR200 can quickly detect furniture and obstacles in its path and manoeuvre easily around them. It can also overcome door thresholds and avoid stairs like a breeze.

Edge to edge precision

Using intelligent, ultrasonic sensors, the VR200 travels precisely along skirting boards, walls and edges. Its unique D-shape means it can easily reach all corners.

Getting right under your furniture

Thanks to a height of just 9cm, the VR200 is able to get right underneath your furniture, meaning no dirt is missed!

Easy to empty with no dust

When the dust container is full, simply use your full-size vacuum cleaner to empty out the dust via the suction port.

Remote control

You can easily control the VR200 from a distance with the handy remote. This can also be used to set your desired cleaning programme.

Friendly with pets, but not with their hair

The VR200 makes light work of removing worn in and unwanted pet hair, and emitting a maximum of 67dBA, it’ll never scare Fido!


How can I use the Kobold VR200?

Room cleaning – the VR200 uses unique room navigation to clean every room ‘lane by lane’. When it needs charging, it will even make its way back to its charging station and then continue vacuuming from the point where it stopped.

On the spot cleaning

Use the VR200 to vacuum specific areas of your home by using its spot cleaning mode. This setting will allow you thoroughly vacuum an area of around 1.5 x 1.2m square.

Schedule your vacuuming

You can easily set the start and finish time of the VR200 with its handy schedule function, so that it only vacuums when you’re away from home and never gets under your feet! It can even be individually programmed for each day of the week.

Eco option

Using the VR200’s eco mode, you can extend its cleaning time by up to 90 minutes off a single charge – it’ll be even quieter, too!

VR200 highlights

Ready to tackle every room in your home

A sophisticated laser navigation and more than 12 built in sensors allow the VR200 to move easily around every obstacle.

  1. 360 degree laser scans the room 1,800 times per second to create a map
  2. Ultrasonic sensors pick up clear or reflective obstacles
  3. Wall sensor allows for close proximity cleaning to walls and edges
  4. Contact sensors help to avoid collisions
  5. Optical floor sensors detect stairs and calculate an alternative route

Remote control

Lets you control the VR200 from up to five metres away

Climb assist

Effortlessly overcomes obstacles of up to 2cm

Innovative brushes

Rotate 30 times per second for maximum dust collection


For even longer-lasting performance and quieter operation

Technical data

Safety mark
Safety markCE mark
HousingHigh-quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic
MotorMaintenance-free DC motors
FanSingle-stage fan
Voltage/ power supply unit
Voltage/ power supply unit100 - 240 volts AC 50/60 Hertz
WeightApprox. 5 kg (not including accessories)
Noise level
Noise level67 dBA (measured on carpet under free field conditions)
Battery pack
Battery packLi-Ion 14.4 V; approx.; 84 Wh, nominal

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it will be possible to upload software updates on the Kobold VR200.

Download the software patch here
and follow the instructions to update your Kobold VR200 Robot .

The Kobold VR200 precisely detects its environment: the unique laser scanner with ultrasound technology detects 98% of all obstacles, even reflective or glass surfaces in the home. The robot vacuum cleaner stores the location of every individual obstacle. Whether it manoeuvres around the obstacle or climbs over it depends on its height. The robot can climb up to 2 cm thanks to its climb assist. Its all-wheel-drive gives it the right stability. The Kobold VR200’s fall sensors allow it to detect stairs and drops so that it can easily travel around them.

The Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner covers every room lane by lane. This method lets the robot vacuum cleaner clean every home extremely efficiently. The laser scanner scans the environment 1,800 times per second. The information collected by the robot vacuum cleaner is used to create a map and store obstacles. This "virtual map" means that the robot is right at home in numerous rooms.

We have developed an extremely gentle charge management system for the battery, which extends the battery’s service life. We can currently achieve approx. 800 charging cycles without a noticeable loss of power. If the battery needs to be replaced, this should be performed by Customer Service for reasons of safety.

The remote control covers a range of at least 5 m.