Does the thought of friends and family
visiting send you into a cleaning spin?
Do you go into a cleaning panic ahead of your parents ‘popping by’?
Do you want to wow your guests this festive season? If you need a helping hand getting your house guest-ready this festive season then you’ve come to the right place. 

Some things never change...

While it might seem like a long time ago since your parents told you off about having a messy bedroom, or for not pulling your weight with the household chores, for many the fear of parent’s judgement when it comes to cleaning and tidying never goes away!

And when our parents are visiting our adult homes, one in five UK adults (20%) worries about their parents’ opinions the most – ranking ahead of other visitors like the in-laws, colleagues, neighbours and friends. 

Visitors send us into a cleaning spin! 

Parents are not the only visitors who get us into a domestic frenzy though, with 52% of us spending between one and two hours cleaning before guests arrive. Twenty per cent spend less than an hour preparing, and 28% spend more than two hours.

Both men and women are most likely to reach for the vacuum cleaner ahead of any other household chore when expecting guests (75%), followed by tidying up (45%), cleaning the bathroom (39%), dusting (38%) and washing up (25%). 

Keeping up appearances

Interestingly, how we appear to keep our homes and how we actually keep our homes might be two different things though. The majority (72%) of us turn to cheeky shortcuts to help us keep up our clean and tidy appearances.

Top five shortcut clean-up tactics:

  1. Hide things in the junk room (29%)
  2. Light a scented candle (17%)
  3. Hide things under the beds (15%)
  4. Hide items in the garage (12%)
  5. Hide things in the dishwasher (8%)
We took to the streets of Manchester to see how you feel about hosting visitors, who you worry about the most, and what tips and tricks you do to impress.

We’d love to hear your go-to cleaning trick to make your home look as spick and span as possible – send us a Tweet and we’ll retweet the best ones! 

Host with the most 

Here at Vorwerk we’re great friends with cleaning expert and star of Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, Lynsey Queen of Clean. If anyone knows how to make a home look spick and span and inviting for guests it’s Lynsey.

We’ve asked her to share her insights on how to get your home guest-ready – and unsurprisingly she’s not a fan of hiding clutter in the dishwasher!

Lynsey Queen of Clean: “While many of us might moan about cleaning, lots of really are very house proud and want to give off the best impression to friends and family.

“I’m not personally a fan of the ‘hide-it-and-hope-for-the-best’ approach, but there are lots of shortcuts that you can quickly and easily do if you get a sudden text or call from a friend on their way around.” 


Not enough time to clean before your
guests arrive? Let the robot do it for you!

Let us wow you and your guests 

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