The Kobold SP600 is the result of ongoing product development tailored to the needs of our customers. Two in one for easy cleaning: the Kobold SP600 vacuums and wet cleans virtually any type of hard floor in a single step. It has many technical refinements that make it easy and intuitive to use. The automatic cloth moistening function, the integrated tank, and option of adding extra moisture once during the clean for particularly stubborn stains are features that make cleaning with SP600 easier and more convenient than ever. What's more, the extra-wide cleaning cloth, which is attached to the cloth holder on the SP600, cleans the floor right to the edges.

We are a German family enterprise. The research and development for the Kobold SP600 is carried out in Germany, at our site in Wuppertal. We apply the same stringent Vorwerk quality standards to all our products and we ensure that these are met. This means that we can guarantee a high level of quality and durability for all our products. 

We have always relied on direct sales at Vorwerk. We have a global team of around 11,500 Kobold advisors who are always on hand to provide customer support at local level. It is only thanks to our sales model that we can offer this outstanding level of service. We would like all our customers to be given a product demonstration so that they are able to appreciate all the features and benefits offered by the new products. A number of products are also available online and in Vorwerk Shops. Our customer advisors are of course also available to assist at local level with any queries relating to purchases made in shops or online.

The Kobold SP600 is compatible with the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner and can be used in its full functionality. In combination with older models of Kobold vacuum cleaners, it can be used in the pre-set moisture mode or in dry mode.

Kobold 3-in-1 Premium Filter Bags have been certified by TÜV Nord as suitable for allergy sufferers. This innovative system filters 99.99 per cent of allergenic house dust. The air released by the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a thousand times cleaner than normal air.

No, the Kobold SP600 is not suitable for vacuuming liquids but is designed to wet clean floors with a minimal amount of water. The secondary air flap and the moisture sensor on the Kobold SP600 ensure that no moisture enters the Kobold cleaning system. 

The three LED waves show the moisture setting that has been selected. 

Green lights indicate the different moisture settings: one green wave indicates moisture setting 1, two green waves moisture setting 2 and three green waves moisture setting 3. All the LED waves on the SP600 light up orange when the tank is empty. What’s more, the SP600 has been designed so that it warns the user if water has been vacuumed up. If this happens, the LED waves flash red, the secondary air flap opens and the vacuum cleaner automatically switches off. Should this occur, further information can be found in the accompanying instruction manual.

Thanks to its modern design and flat construction, it can also clean under low furniture.

The foot switch is a convenient mechanism for releasing the cloth holder, making it easy to replace the cleaning cloth.

Yes, the Kobold SP600 comes with an integrated tank, which holds approximately 260 millilitres of liquid. It is removable to make refilling easier.

The removable tank can be filled using the integrated cap, which is designed for measuring the correct quantity of cleaning agent. It is important that the measured quantity of Koboclean is poured in first, followed by the water, as it is difficult to put the tank down. Adding the water is then very easy: simply top up the tank with water straight from the tap. 260 millilitres of water and three millilitres of Koboclean are sufficient for lightly wet cleaning an area of up to 60 square metres.

Our Koboclean cleaning agents, which are very economical to use, are the only cleaning agents that may be added to the tank. There are two different types available: Koboclean Universal cleaner and Koboclean Parquet cleaner. Koboclean Universal cleaner is suitable for almost any type of hard floor. Parquet floors require very careful cleaning. It is therefore advisable to use Koboclean Parquet cleaner, which cleans delicate floors very gently.

We have the ideal cleaning cloth for every hard floor. The Kobold MF600 Universal is suitable for virtually any kind of hard floor. The Kobold MF600 Parquet is designed for the gentle cleaning of delicate parquet floors. The Kobold MF600 Universal Soft is suitable for cleaning porous, very smooth or dark floors or floors that are difficult to clean. The Kobold MF600 Dry is specially designed for dry cleaning and cleaning unsealed wooden or cork floors.

It is easy to attach the Kobold MF600 cleaning cloths to the cloth holder using the Velcro fastening. It is also quick and easy to change them. This is done by pressing a foot switch. This releases the cloth holder, which allows the cloth to be removed and replaced. Once that is done, you simply need to let the cloth holder re-engage with the Kobold SP600.

The Kobold MF600 cloths are all machine washable (at 60 degrees) and can be tumble-dried. Please do not use fabric softeners or detergents with impregnating agents as these can damage the microfibres.

Once the appropriate moisture setting has been selected, the Kobold SP600 automatically moistens the cloth (which has been inserted) at the optimum level for wet cleaning the floor. This allows the water to be used efficiently and produces optimum cleaning results without having to disassemble or reconfigure the Kobold SP600. The moisture setting can be selected on the handle of the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner depending on the type of floor. 

There are three moisture settings, which provide an optimum wet clean depending on the requirements of the floor. Setting 1 is the lowest moisture setting and is particularly suitable for water-sensitive floors. Setting 2, the medium moisture setting, is for cleaning hard floors with a normal level of dirt. The highest setting, setting 3, is particularly suitable for hard floors that are extremely dirty. The moisture settings are selected on the handle of the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Yes, there is an extra moisture option, which can be activated once during every clean. This releases an additional quantity of water. This mode can be used for quickly dampening a dry cloth before cleaning, or for removing particularly stubborn dirt during cleaning.

Yes, this is possible. Thanks to the “push-push” mechanism, it is now easier to put the Kobold SP600 into a secure standby position. Switching between the operating and standby position is therefore very straightforward.