HEPA Filter Bags, 6 Pack

HEPA Filter Bags, 6 Pack

Delivering the highest hygiene standards and the perfect care of your home: with the Vorwerk premium filter bag 140/150 for your Vorwerk Kobold 140/150 vacuum cleaner, you get three filter systems in a single filter bag. It is the first filter bag in the world to have an integrated HEPA filter layer.
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The HEPA filter traps 99.99% of all vacuumed particles and allergenic substances such as pollen, mould spores and dust mite faeces. The air expelled from your vacuum cleaner is clinically clean. The premium filter bag 140/150 guarantees optimal indoor air quality and that the Kobold 140/150 is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The integrated active odour pearls neutralise bad odours while vacuuming.

One box contains 6 premium filters bags 140/150.

Vorwerk Recommends:
Please use original Vorwerk HEPA Filter Bags 140/150 for your Kobold. Only our premium filter bags will deliver the full suction from your vacuum cleaner. Replace the filter bag when the yellow suction performance indicator is full.

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