CRV14 Crevice Nozzle Set

CRV14 Crevice Nozzle Set

Cleanliness can be flexible: the Crevice attachment allows you to clean around corners, clean skirting and catch drill dust.
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The CRV14 Crevice Nozzle Set for cleaning hard to reach areas. Thanks to the flexible joint and flexible extension you can vacuum around corners.

Also included in the package: the Drill Dust Catcher which will keep drill dust from falling to the floor. When combined with the innovative and unique crevice tool it will attach to uneven walls. This means you have your hands free for drilling and the resulting dust is collected straight into your vacuum cleaner.

The skirting brush for the crevice tool will get into small cracks and joints or it can be used to quickly and easily to clean skirting boards.

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