Filter Bags, 8 Pack

Filter Bags, 8 Pack

The Vorwerk filter Bag will fit Vorwerk Kobold models 118, 119, 120, 121 or 122. Please only use original Vorwerk Kobold Filter Bags as only they can guarantee a constant high suction power.
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Vorwerk Filter Bags will provide optimum suction for your Vorwerk Kobold 118 to 122. So be sure to only use original Vorwerk Kobold Filter Bags. There are 8 Bags included in each pack.

Good for the Environment:
In the manufacture of our original Filter Bags we use solvent free adhesives and unbleached paper.

Vorwerk Recommends:
Please replace the Filter Bag when the filter change indicator light illuminates. This will ensure your Kobold always delivers full suction.

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