SD14 Soft Nozzle

SD14 Soft Nozzle

Whether loose dirt or dust, sensitive or robust surfaces: remove dust the modern way with the SD14 Soft Nozzle, exclusively for your Vorwerk Kobold.
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Gently remove dust from delicate surfaces with the SD14 Soft Nozzle for your Vorwerk vacuum cleaner. The SD14 Soft Nozzle agitates dust with its soft bristles and sucks the dust straight into the machine. Use the SD14 Soft Nozzle to remove dust safely and thoroughly throughout your home, it is also great between the keys on your computer.

The Vorwerk SD14 Soft Nozzle with the oval-port from the Vorwerk range of accessories can be individually adjusted to 13 lengths. Therefore, it is suitable for delicate jobs that require a featherlike touch, through to harder tasks requiring a bit more grit.

Vorwerk Recommends:
Use the SD14 Soft Nozzle in conjunction with the Telescope Extender 14 to gently yet thoroughly clean your delicate chandeliers or ceiling lights.

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