SP530 Cloth Tray

SP530 Cloth Tray

The Kobold SP530 Cloth Tray moves the Cloth of your hard floor cleaner with oscillating movements over your hard floor. This ensures a deep clean while the Kobold SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner practically floats over the ground.
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When cleaning with the Kobold SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner the Cloth Tray oscillates at around 1,350 times per minute on your hard floor. This makes a significant contribution to the effective cleaning power of your hard floor cleaner. Whether parquet, laminate, tile or stone - your hard floors can be wet or dry cleaned, deep down and streak free.

To replace the cleaning Cloth, simply pull out the Tray by holding the handle on the side, keeping your hands clean and dry.

1 x Kobold SP530 Cloth Tray.